Concurrent B.S./M.S. in Computer Science

The concurrent B.S./M.S. degree in Computer Science offers highly motivated and focused students the opportunity for accelerated study, achieving both degrees within a 5-year time frame. Students will be able to enter the workforce one year earlier than through the traditional M.S. degree pathway. This program will pair undergraduate students in the concurrent program with research teams of graduate students and dedicated faculty members prominent in their fields of expertise. Students should be motivated, focused, and able to handle a 16+ credit hour/semester schedule. Students should know by the end of their freshman year if they are interested in pursuing the concurrent program. By the end of their sophomore year students should have identified possible or likely research areas and/or a major professor to work with on their M.S. thesis. During their senior undergraduate year, students will begin taking 500 level graduate courses in Computer Science. 

Application Qualifications (all qualifications must be met to apply):

  • 29 credits in undergraduate program completed
  • CS courses completed with grade B or higher, with exception of maximum 2 courses with C+ or higher
  • Minimum cumulative ISU GPA 3.0
  • Professor to oversee research


We recommend that students plan ahead, and notify the undergraduate advising office as soon as they know of their intent to apply for the concurrent degree. If possible, this should be done by the end of the 4th semester. File the Request for Concurrent Enrollment and the application materials (listed below) by the end of the 7th semester of study, but no later than the end of the 8th semester. By the onset of M.S. studies, students should have a faculty research advisor selected and be actively participating in research. Students that declare concurrent enrollment will be considered graduate level students, and therefore eligible for graduate research assistantships and scholarships. Students will be allowed to double count CS 511 and CS 531 towards both degrees. 

How to Apply

The following components make up your application: 

  1. Fill out the Request for Concurrent Enrollment form.  
  2. Create a curriculum plan with Nicole Lewis, Dr. Aduri or with a faculty research advisor, if you have selected one.
  3. Write a statement of purpose, usually 1-2 pages, explaining why you want to achieve the M.S. degree.
  4. Obtain three letters of recommendation.
  5. Official GRE scores
  6. Submit your materials by e-mail to Computer Science Admisisons (

Note: Financial aid is affected by student classification.

In order to maximize financial aid opportunities and learn more about the concurrent programs, interested students should contact:

Pavan Aduri, Director of Graduate Education

112 Atanasoff Hall
Phone: 515-294-7902