Concurrent B.S./M.S. in Computer Science

Concurrent Academic Timeline

Students should know by the end of their freshman year if they are interested in pursuing the concurrent program. By the end of their sophomore year students should have identified possible or likely research areas and/or a major professor to work with on their M.S. thesis. During their senior undergraduate year, students will begin taking 500 level graduate courses in Computer Science. 

We recommend that students plan ahead, and notify the undergraduate advising office as soon as they know of their intent to apply for the concurrent degree. If possible, this should be done by the end of the 4th semester. Submit the application materials (listed below) by the end of the 7th semester of study, but no later than the end of the 8th semester. By the onset of M.S. studies, students should have a faculty research advisor selected and be actively participating in research.

Application Qualifications

  • 29 credits in undergraduate program completed
  • CS courses completed with grade B or higher, with exception of maximum 2 courses with C+ or higher
  • Minimum cumulative ISU GPA 3.0
  • Professor to oversee research

How to Apply

Send us your unofficial transcript to with the subject line: "GRE Waiver Request for Concurrent BS and MS". This is to be evaluated for a GRE waiver. Your unofficial transcript can be downloaded from Access Plus. Within two weeks you will receive one of the following decisions:

  • GRE Waiver Approved, or
  • The GRE is required for your final application

If you choose to proceed with your application after receiving your GRE decision, you will need to submit the following materials by email to with the subject line: "Application for Concurrent BS and MS".

  1. GRE Scores or Approved GRE Waiver
  2. Research Advisor (major professor)
  3. Curriculum Plan (Create with Nicole Lewis, Dr. Aduri or with a faculty research advisor)
  4. Statement of Purpose (Guidance)
  5. Resume
  6. Request three ISU faculty to send this Letter of Recommendation Form to

Application Deadlines and Evaluation Timeline

For the concurrent status to begin in a Fall semester, a completed application must be submitted no later than August 1.

For the concurrent status to begin in a Spring semester, a completed application must be submitted no later than January 1.

If Approved for Admission

If the student is notified that his/her application is accepted for admission, Nicole Lewis will work with them to complete the concurrent form.

International students on a visa should contact ISSO about any additional visa paperwork that may need to be filed if you require more time to complete your degree.

Contact Information

Email at