Computer Science Graduate Student Self Evaluation Form


Student Section

(Students who are planning to obtain or have obtained MS on the way to PhD at ISU Computer Science Dept. should select both of the options.)
Let us know if your plan is to do a thesis or creative component.
If you use "other" please put the e-mail address of the faculty member here.
(Only required for PhD students who have or are planning to obtain MS on the way to PhD)
(Only for PhD Students)
(Only required for PhD students)
(All Students)
(Completed COMS 511, COMS 531(with required minimum grade) and COMS 592)
*Format for publications/ tutorials: Names of the authors as they appear in the publication. Title of the article. Full name of the conference/journal. Date of the publications (conference date). *Format for software: Name of the contributors (asterix on lead contributors). Name of the Software. Website of the software. **ONLY INCLUDE ITEMS FOR THE PREVIOUS ACADEMIC PERIOD**
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: png pdf doc docx.