Computer Science Faculty Receive Four Grants from the Center for Information Protection

December 3, 2007

Four security informatics projects led by Computer Science Faculty have been selected for funding by the Center for Information Protection (CIP), an Industry-University Coperative Research Center supported by the National Science Foundationand several industrial partners including Boeing, Raytheon, The Principal Financial Group, among others. CIP received 16 proposals from Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Political Science, and Management Information Systems for consideration during the 2008 funding cycle. Of these 16 proposals, 6 were selected for funding based on review by the CIP's Industrial Advisory Board. Computer Science faculty bagged 4 out of the 6 funded projects:


  • Samik Basu, and Johnny Wong. Modeling Paradigms for Security And Dependability in Policy-Based Systems, $25,000. Industry mentors: Rockwell Collins and The Boeing Company. 
  • Vasant HonavarJie Bao, and Giora Slutzki, Privacy-Preserving Reasoning With Hidden Knowledge, $25,000. Industry mentors: Raytheon and Principal Financial Group. 
  • Robyn Lutz Samik Basu, and Vasant Honavar, Modeling Secure Web Services with AADL, $25,000. Industry mentors: Cargill and The Boeing Company. 
  • Johnny Wong, and Samik Basu. Formal Approach for Intrusion Detection and Response Systems, $25,000. Industry mentors: The Boeing Company and Raytheon. 

The faculty will work with graduate students on these projects, with input from industrial partners during the coming year. These projects collectively cover a broad range of topics in security informatics, drawing on expertise in artificial intelligence, networks and distributed systems, and formal methods and software engineering, theoretical foundations and algorithms, all areas of significant research strengths within the Department of Computer Science