Computer Science Faculty Begin DNA Nanotechnology Project

July 20, 2011

The National Science Foundation is funding ISU Computer Science faculty, collaborators, and students to carry out a proof-of-concept research project on applying computer science methods to make DNA nanotechnology more predictable and safe. The ISU Computer Science faculty members on the project are Jack Lutz (principal investigator), Jim Lathrop, Robyn Lutz, and Ting Zhang. The other project faculty are Eric Henderson (ISU Genetics, Development, and Cell Biology), Lydia Sinapova (Simpson College Computer Science), Ron Warnet (Simpson College Biochemistry), Mark Brodie (Simpson College Computer Science), and Pat Singer (Simpson College Molecular Biology). This interdisciplinary team, along with graduate and undergraduate student research assistants, will investigate applications of computational modeling, algorithmic randomness, requirements engineering, product lines, software verification, and software safety to nanoscale structures, circuits, and robots created using DNA tile assembly, DNA origami, and DNA strand-displacement reactions. 
For more information about this project contact Jack Lutz.