Computer Science faculty and students will present six papers at the International Conference on Software Engineering 2022

April 1, 2022

Faculty and students from the software engineering research group at Iowa State are presenting six full-length papers at this year’s IEEE/ACM International Conference on Software Engineering, one of the most prestigious software engineering venues. ICSE publications are some of the most rigorously reviewed conference papers in our field, and this year we have six papers appearing from our department.  Many of the students and faculty will travel to Pittsburgh to present their work in person, where over 500 software engineers with gather to discuss new research findings. The student authors include Sumon Biswas, Michael Gerten, Md Johirul Islam, Eliska Kloberdanz, Alexis Marsh, Giang Nguyen, Rangeet Pan and Mohammad Wardat. Congratulations to the students and postdoctoral researcher Breno Dantas Cruz as well as the students' advisors and co-authors Myra Cohen, James Lathrop, Wei Le, Andrew Miner and Hridesh Rajan.

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