Computational Thinking Competition

2017 Computational Thinking Competition                               

The ISU Department of Computer Science holds Computational Thinking Workshops for K-12 students throughout the year, which culminate with our annual Computational Thinking Competition. This year's competition was held online, to give K-12 students from across the state the opportunity to compete. Individual presentations were scheduled offering a variety of time slots, in an effort to make participation convenient for the busy schedules of students and their families. Student projects were presented to judging teams using an online video conferencing service, and the projects were then evaluated using a scoring system. Projects covered a wide variety of topics, and students paired their intelligence and creativity to design their amazing projects! Check out our winners and pictures from the first place projects below...


Congratulations to the 2017 Computational Thinking Competition Winners!


First Place K-3 Philip Stoytchev Parking ChallengeGrades K-3

1st Prize             Philip Stoytchev - Parking Challenge

2nd Prize            Anika Shrotriya - MLB Mathematical League Baseball       

3rd Prize             Sailesh Srinath - Save The Beeeeeeeeeees!!!


First Place Grades 4-6 Samarth Venkatraman image 1 Computational Model of a Projectile's TrajectoryGrades 4-6

1st Prize              Samarth Venkatraman - Computational Model of a Projectile's Trajectory

2nd Prize (TIE)    Tyson Grosz - Earth's Invasion: The Clock is Ticking!

2nd Prize (TIE)    Aneesh Shrotriya - Protein Synthesis Using Bacteriophages

3rd Prize (TIE)     RJ Glotfelty - Lead Ammunition: Harmful to Raptor & Harmful to Humans     

3rd Prize (TIE)     Wyatt Young - Learning about Mythology

                                                                                                                                                                                                            First Place Grades 4-6 Samarth Venkatraman Computational Model of a Projectile's Trajectory (image2)






Grades 7-9

1st Prize               Clara Damman - Set Trainer     

Grades 7-9 First Place Clara Damman Set Trainer (image 2)            First Place Grades 7-9Clara Damman Set Trainer (image 1)








First Place Grades 10-12 James Beetham Grades 10-12

1st Prize               James Beetham - LearnIt  

2nd Prize               Adam Rice - Brenden

3rd Prize               Brandt Damman - How a Computer Performs Addition