Jiale Feng

PhD Student
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Jiale Feng, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Computer Science at Iowa State University, is currently conducting research in the Self-aware Complex Systems Lab under the guidance of Dr. Soumik Sarkar. His primary research interests include Computer Vision and Machine Learning, focusing on these methods applied to 3D plant reconstruction, soybean pod/seed counting in agronomy, and gunman detection in social security. While at Virtual Reality Applications Center as a research assistant and at Collins Aerospace as an intern, he worked on high-fidelity circuit boards and electrical components tracking using traditional and deep learning methods.




Feng, J., Saadati, M., Jubery, T., Jignasu, A., Balu, A., Li, Y., Attigala, L., Schnable, P. S., Sarkar, S., Ganapathysubramanian, B., & Krishnamurthy, A. (2023). "3D Reconstruction of Plants Using Probabilistic Voxel Carving," Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 213, 108248 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.compag.2023.108248

Waite, J. R., Feng, J., Tavassoli, R., Harris, L., Tan, S. Y., Chakraborty, S., & Sarkar, S. (2023). "Active Shooter Dectection and Robust Tracking Utilizing Supplemental Synthetic Data", Scientific Reports. In Review. https://arvix.org/abs/2309.03381v1 


Area of Expertise: 
Computer Vision
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
B.S., Automation, University of Science and Technology of China
M.S., Computer Science, Iowa State University
+1 515 708 2846