Carl Chang chairs the 11th IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering

September 21, 2003

Carl K. Chang, Professor and Chair of Computer Science, chaired the 11th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (IREC 2003, or RE'03 in short) held September 8-12, 2003, in Monterey, California. Chang co-founded the International Conference on Requirements Engineering in 1994 (ICRE'94). During 2002 ICRE and RE (another IEEE conference in requirements engineering called the International Symposium on Requirements Engineering) were integrated into IREC. Chang chaired the steering committee of ICRE and served as the general chairs for ICRE 2000 and IREC 2003 in Chicago and Monterey, respectively. One 
of Chang's papers in requirements engineering, that was rated as the best research paper in RE'02, also appeared in the most recent issue of Requirements Engineering Journal(Vol. 8, Issue. 3).