Cargill Grant for Computer Science Department

September 21, 2005

Last year, the Cargill Corporation contributed financially for the refinement of the on-line course, Computer Science 103 "Computer Applications". Because of this financial support, the computer systems were augmented to both the class lecture and the required labs are totally on-line. 

This year, Cargill was also instrumental in providing additional financial support for the department's move to implementing JAVA as the programming language for its first two introductory programming courses (Computer Science 227 and 228). Because of the assistance from Cargill, the department will be able to provide labs for students taking the introductory programming class both locally and remotely. 

The Department of Computer Science at Iowa State University has been a premier source of IT graduates for Cargill. Their donation insures for them that the ISU graduates they hire in the future are technologically capable. 

Additional Cargill funding was used to enhance the virtual computing environment in the department.