Building Predictable and Adaptable Mobile Systems

Lukasz Ziarek
Friday, January 26, 2018 - 4:10pm
223 Atanasoff
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Time predictability is a requirement for computer systems that have deadlines to meet, but
it is frustratingly difficult to achieve in the complex, layered, execution environments that are
common place today. This talk will consider how to bring a degree of time predictability to
Android applications.

Potential solutions include fundamental changes to the Android framework and the
introduction of a new programing model, which focuses on the interplay between real-time
activities and the rest of the system. This talk will detail the changes in the Android APIs which
are required for developers to express the timeliness requirements of code and how well those
requirements can be met on stock hardware in the presence of multiple, potentially
interacting applications.

The talk will also cover some experimental data validating feasibility over several applications
including UAV fight control, implantable medical devices, as well as a wind turbine
monitoring device. Lastly, I will discuss future directions, including adding adaptivity to the
system to achieve a dynamically defined real-time system.