Atanasoff Today: Investing in students

Kordell SchrockIn an era of staggering student debt, donor support is critical to help students reach their academic goals. This year, undergraduate and graduate students received more than $20,000 in scholarships. The individual scholarship amounts vary, but the spirit of support is tantamount.

Kordell Schrock, recipient of the Arthur A. Collins Education Fund, is thankful for the scholarship donors who make it possible to get his degree, which he plans to use to give back to his community. “My ultimate goal is to become a successful entrepreneur. I hope to invent the next generation of computer businesses that will affect Native American communities dramatically by retaining wealth within the communities and providing more Megan Seversonopportunities.”

Megan Severson also wants to use her degree to give back to others. “I hope to have a career in software development while also being able to motivate and inspire younger generations of females to pursue a career in the field of technology. Thanks to the donor’s financial assistance, I will be able to stay motivated to achieve those goals without having to worry about paying off student loans.”

Aubrey Uriel Sijo-Gonzales is thankful for the alleviation of burden the scholarship provides. “I consider myself lucky to work in a field that not only allows me to pursue my passions, but to also use my capabilities as a developer to serve my Alex Huynhcommunity. Scholarships further inspire me to become a capable developer and an effective collaborator.”

Jasper Khor, recipient of the Arthur A. Collins Education Fund, has big plans for his degree and is thankful for the scholarship to make it possible. “I hope to utilize what I learned in computer science to develop an artificial intelligence-based software program to help my brother, who has learning difficulties, learn. The scholarship award will help me focus on my studies.”

Jason Brittain, recipient of the Charlie and Barb Hunt Scholarship, returned to school after 25 years in the professional field. In the wake of the pandemic, he decided to make the leap and fulfill a longtime dream of his, to return to school for a degree in computer science. “Needless to say, my life has quite a few moving parts,” said Brittain. “Every bit of support helps make a truly challenging scenario that much easier, and this scholarship gift makes a huge difference as I work towards achieving my goals.”

Alex Huynh, one of the recipients of the Arthur A. Collins Education Fund, has big dreams for post-college. “My work towards realizing stronger and more advantageous quantum algorithms will be sure to leave a mark on the world, and I’m thankful for this scholarship for helping me achieve my goals, my visions, and my dreams.