Atanasoff Today Digital Version

Atanasoff Today CoverLetter from the chair

Continued excellence, new offerings, faculty achievements and top priorities for 2023.


Strategic PlanStrategic Plan

A look at the 2022-2032 Strategic Plan. 



Scholarship Impact

Students from the Department share the importance of scholarships and thank those that made them possible.


Building Renovations

A summary of the proposed renovations to Atanasoff Hall.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Hear from our students in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship academy. 


Bachelor of Arts in CS

A new degree program for undergraduates available in 2023.


Women in Computer Science

Hear why our female students in computer science are getting involved across campus, why they've chosen computer science, and what they plan to do with their degrees.



New Autonomous Systems Laboratory

A new lab opened in the Communications Building, equipped with hands-on learning opportunities, including a smart-city, a driving simulator, and a net for drone flying.


Faculty and staff awards

A recap of the awards and accolades given to our world-class faculty and staff.



Welcome new faculty

Meet the six new members of CS faculty.




Carl Chang retirement

Reflecting on the career and retirement of Dr. Carl Chang. 




External Advisory Council new members

Meet the three new members of the External Advisory Council. 



Remembering Wayne Ostendorf

Remembering the life and legacy of Dr. Wayne Ostendorf.