Atanasoff Today 2022-23: Scholarship Impact

Scholarships are an important part of funding for many of our students. These funds enable students to obtain an education they would not have access to otherwise. Hear why our scholarship recipients are thankfull for the assistance and what they plan to do with their degrees. Receiving a scholarship of any kind and of any amount means so much to me, as well as my family. Scholarships provide opportunities. This was true for my parents as first-generation college students, this was true for my older brother who attended this same university, and this is true for me. I am grateful to accept the opportunities that scholarships provide me. With the help of scholarships, each day is like a gift and it is one that I do not take for granted. I hope that my gratitude is evident in my actions, by taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way and by using them as a means to better myself and the people around me. -Noah Cordova, Boeing Company Scholarship for Computer Science recipient

Scholarships go a long way in ensuring that I continue to receive the highest quality of education that Iowa State University offers. I never thought that I would be working alongside world-class faculty in quantum computation research. Scholarships allow me to actively participate in many valuable opportunities and ensure that I have opportunities to grow not just my computer science skills, but my interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. -Shobkit Sarkar, Mark Giese Computer Science Scholarship recipient

Scholarships mean so much to me. I have always been worried about the financial aspect of college, and to be selected as a recipient is an achievement that I can’t even describe in words.Scholarships help alleviate the high cost of college that I otherwise would have paid out of pocket, and I am very thankful that I was considered to receive it. Because of my scholarships, I can focus on my education and excelling in my classes rather than spending the majority of my time working. After receiving scholarships, I can now take the classes I need without any worries about the expenses. I am very thankful for the gift of scholarships even though I cannot express my gratitude in words alone. -Lal Puii, Innovation Maven Scholarship for Women in Computer Science recipient

Knowing I have the scholarship to back up my attendance costs is a great help in allowing me to focus on my studies and motivates me to make sure I’m making the most of my time here. I am currently a junior majoring in computer science with a minor in physics, with plans to take five years to complete this bachelor’s as well as a master’s in computer science. For my master’s thesis, I’ve been doing research using computer science applied to physics to study neutrinos and their interactions. This interdisciplinary research lets me combine two of my passions, science and technology, and has been one of the many great experiences I’ve had in college. In addition to this, I’ll be president of the Undergraduate Diversity and Inclusion in Physics club for a second year and vice president of Girls Who Compete, a club for women and non-binary people, along with supporters interested in competitive programming or just generally interested in improving their programming skills. Scholarships make me feel both acknowledged for the effort I put into being active in Iowa State’s community, and supports me by helping me focus on these activities. -Linsey Kitt, David and Rebecca Nation Scholarship for Computer Science recipient

I am a rising senior in computer science at Iowa State University, and I plan on graduating in the spring of 2023 with a bachelor’s degree. After graduation, I hope to have a career in software development while also being able to motivate and inspire younger generations of females to pursue a career in the field of technology. Thanks to scholarships, I will be able to stay motivated to achieve those goals without having to worry about paying off student loans. -Megan Severson, Innovation Maven Scholarship for Women in Computer Science recipient

My biggest dream in life is to become a video game developer and spread the joy and relaxation that video games brought me in high school to the generations that will come after me. To do this, I must gain all the knowledge I can, which means going to college. Paying for college is a big hurdle in my dream, so I cannot thank scholarship donors enough for helping me overcome this hurdle and paving the way to making my dream come true. Any person who wants to help the world can not do so without the help of others along the way, so thank you for helping me and make my dream of helping those younger than me that much closer to coming true. -Griffin Bruns, Charlie and Barb Hunt Scholarship in Computer Science recipient