Atanasoff Today 2022-23: Building Renovations

StairwellSince its opening in 1969, Atanasoff Hall has served us well; however, the facilities are now in need of significant improvements as the department has grown, both in size and in research activities. Thus, improving our current facilities in Atanasoff Hall continues to be at the top of our agenda.

If you have visited Atanasoff Hall in recent months, you may have noticed the addition of whiteboards, additional seating, computer monitors, and work surfaces to the hallways of the building. The new spaces have given students places to work and collaborate, something that has become increasingly more important as we return to in-person activities. Students are able to plug their laptops into the monitors, giving them more space to work on projects and increase collaborative capabilities. 

The addition of the workspaces is the first step towards a larger renovation of Atanasoff Hall. We have partnered with the ISU Maintenance Improvement Committee (MIC) to renovate Atanasoff HallwayHall in areas of public use such as the hallways, stairwells, and the exterior. 

The renovations will allow us to apply upgrades to the areas where they are needed the most.

The stairwells (Image #1) would receive new lighting, improved ceilings, new paint, and added departmental branding. 

The hallways (Image #2) would see new ceilings, new paint, updated lights, and graphic laminated wall panels.

The building exterior (Image #3) would see improved landscaping, a sign on the east side where there currently is not one, artwork, and upgrades to the sidewalk and doors. 

For the nearly 200 people who work out of Atanasoff Hall, these updates will be a welcomed change. As the gathering place for Departmental meetings and events, the building updates will make Atanasoff Hall a more desirable place to work and meet.

ExteriorThe proposed updates will bring our building into the 21st century and be more reflective of the high-caliber work that comes out of Atanasoff Hall.

"At the heart of everything we do is our commitment to providing industry-leading educational resources to our students and these updates are an important step in that direction. By improving the resources available to our students, we are able to help ensure every student has a proper workspace in our program," Hridesh Rajan, Chair of the Department of Computer Science, said.

Whether someone is visiting Atanasoff Hall to participate in a lab, meet with a professor, or study with peers, these renovations are sure to make Atanasoff Hall a more welcoming, inspiring environment, conducive to collaboration.

If you are interested in helping us make these renovations a reality, visit