Arijit Bhattacharjee

PhD Student
Photo of Arijit Bhattacharjee

Arijit Bhattacharjee is a Ph.D. student working in the Laboratory for Software Analytics and Pervasive Parallelism under the guidance of Dr. Ali Jannesari. His research primarily deals with advancements in High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Deep Learning. During his time at LBNL & LLNL as an intern, he worked on newer OpenMP 5.0 GPU offload directives and analyzed their performance and efficiency using profile-guided optimizations on large-scale HPC benchmarks with varying compilers.


Area of Expertise: 
High-Performance Computing
Deep Learning
Compiler Optimizations
Computer Science
B.Tech., Computer Science and Engineering, SRM University
M.S., Computer Science, Iowa State University, 2020