Arthur Oldehoeft

Professor Emeritus

Arch’s computing career began in 1956 as an undergraduate student at Oklahoma A&M College where he learned to program an IBM 650 computer.  After earning an MS degree from Oklahoma State University and before continuing graduate studies at Purdue University, he worked for several years as an application and systems programmer (on various computers) for aircraft companies and university computing laboratories. 
After graduation from Purdue, Arch joined the faculty of the newly formed Computer Science Department at Iowa State University in Ames.  He progressed through the academic ranks and earned full professorship in 1982.  Working long hours to gain tenure, he could hear the laughter of Sam Conte  echoing through the hallways (about taking life easy after graduation).  In 1986, he became the chairman of the Department, a position he held for 12 years. 
While at Iowa State, Arch  ventured into several areas of research and instruction including  operating systems and computer security.  He was also a consultant for computing companies and did contract work for the federal government.  He retired from Iowa State in 1999 as Emeritus Professor of Computer Science. 
The support of Arch’s spouse (Margie) was an invaluable factor in his career.  They have been married for 47 years and have two daughters and four grandchildren. 
In retirement, Arch does volunteer work through a Rotary Club, reads widely, travels, plays bridge, and enjoys watching sporting events. 

Area of Expertise: