Congratulations, Teaching and Research Excellence Award Winners

Teaching Excellence Awards and Research Excellence Awards

According to ISU Graduate College, “These awards recognize and encourage outstanding teaching or research achievement by graduate students”. Nominations are received by the Graduate Committee often by course instructors and/or major professors each semester. Students will receive recognition this semester, official notation on their transcript, and an honor cord to be worn at graduation.

ISU Department of Computer Science congratulates the following students for winning the Teaching Excellence or Research Excellence award for Spring 2020: 

Teaching Excellence Awardees

Sayantani Ghosh “has continued to impress me in her ability to connect with students and effectively communicate with them. She goes above and beyond to mentor new TAs and fill in when extra work is needed”, Dr. Steven Kautz. 

Yaojie Hu “has a high level of patience when explaining difficult concepts. In the midst of covid-19 in spring 2020 he has taken on added responsibilities in handling communication with students using Zoom and WebEx”, Dr. Gurpur Prabhu.

Xiaoyuan Li “has shown a level of dedication toward her duties and care toward the students as a TA, which is, in my opinion, unlike any other TA in our department”, Dr. Samik Basu.

Hung Phan “devised innovative solutions to exercises and technical problems of COMS 319. He is hardworking with students and has the enthusiasm with an ability to do independent mentoring”, Dr. Ali Jannesari and Jinu Kabala.

Ritu Shandilya “is able to work with very minimal supervision and effectively resolves student’s issues and queries. I personally feel that her contribution and impact as a TA are significant to the success of my courses”, Dr. Jin Tian.

Marios Tsekitsidis “helped ‘save’ COMS 311 this spring semester. We couldn’t imagine what this course would have been without Marios’ help. His teaching during this period earned high praise from our students”, Dr. Kevin Liu.

Menglu Yu “is very passionate about teaching and cares a lot about students. She worked very hard to answer every question in a timely fashion during office hours and on Piazza”, Dr. Kevin Liu.

Research Excellence Awardees

Minghong Fang “is a talented, highly motivated and hardworking young researcher who is committed to pursuing the highest quality of research”, Dr. Kevin Liu

Samantha Khairunnesa’s “work is both foundational, understanding the kinds of contract that we need in this new world where ML components will be mixed with standard software components, and practically informed”, Dr. Hridesh Rajan.