2015 Computational Thinking Competition Applauds Winners

May 28, 2015

photo of 2015 CTC Winners

On Saturday, April 18th, K-12 students from around Iowa gathered at Atanasoff Hall to participate in the 2015 Spring Annual Computational Thinking Competition.

Students showcased projects in a wide variety of areas; ranging from games, robotics and new innovative ideas and inventions.  In many of the projects, students showed their knowledge of coding and programming.  Below are a list of the winners with the title of their project.  From the Department of Computer Science, we would like to thank all of our participants for joining us for this fun, exciting and scholarly event.  

Division K-3 

1st Place: Wesley Baber: Project Title, Piano Guy 

2nd Place: Anika Shrotriya: Project Title, Indian Culture 

3rd Place: Alek & Daniel Fialkov: Project Title: Food Police 

Division 4 - 6

1st Place: Sivakumar Pragulnath: Project Title: Scribblenauts

2nd Place: Mariana Correia,  Ketty Nguyen & Sofiya Palasyuk: Project Title: AMS Digital Tour 

3rd Place:  Mason Baber: Project Title: Card Catalog on the Go

Division 7 - 9

1st Place: Simeon Steward: Project Title: Fireworks

2nd Place: Andres Cordoba & Erik Nelson: Project Title: Quarry

3rd Place: Justin Kenny: Project Title: Talkbot

Division 10 - 12

1st Place: James Beetham: Project Title: TaFi Calculator Program

2nd Place: Sandeep Stanley: Project Title: Computers!

3rd Place: Ben Breshears:  Project Title: Physics Simulation