Iowa Colloquium on Information, Complexity, and Logic (ICICL) - October 6th

Iowa Colloquium on Information, Complexity, and Logic (ICICL) 2:00 p.m., Thursday, October 6th


2243 Noyce Science Center

Grinnell College

The central Iowa Colloquium on Information, Complexity, and Logic (ICICL), a collaboration of Iowa State University, Grinnell College, and Drake University, will hold its inaugural meeting this Thursday, October 6, at 2:00 p.m. in 2243 Noyce Science Center at Grinnell College.  Jack Lutz will speak on “Algorithmic Information, Plane Kakeya Sets, and Conditional Dimension”.

ICICL will meet roughly monthly, with the meeting site rotating among the three institutions.  The November 3 meeting will be at Drake University, with A. Pavan speaking, and the December 1 meeting will be at Iowa State University, with Chris Porter speaking.

Drs. Andrew Miner and Gianfranco Ciardo Receive $498,672 NSF Award for Software Infrastructure and Sustained Innovation

The ISU Department of Computer Science wishes to congratulate Dr. Andrew Miner (PI) and Dr. Gianfranco Ciardo (Co-PI) on being selected to receive an NSF award of $498,672 for their proposal on Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation. The research project titled, "SI2-SSE: A Next-Generation Decision Diagram Library," is funded by NSF grant number, ACI-1642397, and will span three years, beginning January 1, 2017.

The project was selected from proposals submitted under the NSF solicitation

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Dr. Hridesh Rajan Elected to Midwest Big Data Hub Steering Committee



Iowa State University Department of Computer Science is pleased to announce that Dr. Hridesh Rajan has been elected to serve on the Midwest Big Data Hub Steering Committee. When asked about his involvement with the committee, Rajan commented that he will contribute to three rings:

(1) data science 

(2) education, training and workforce development

Dr. Hridesh Rajan to Lead an ISU Presidential Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research (PIIR) in Data Driven Science (DDS) Project

The third round of funding from an Iowa State University presidential initiative will build four research teams that will use big data to benefit human and animal health, improve cities and build new tools for researchers.

Iowa State President Steven Leath launched the Presidential Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research in 2012. The program provides seed funding to establish research teams from across campus to tackle emerging societal challenges. The goal is to help the teams grow into well-funded, cross-disciplinary research groups.

The last two rounds of the initiative have focused on building teams that are developing big-data tools and techniques to tackle major research problems in agriculture, health, communities, access to research and other areas.

NSF Grant to Support Research on Robotic Cutting of Soft Items

With a great promise for relieving people from daily chores, home robots point to a bright future of providing affordable assistance to the growing elderly population and to people with disabilities in spite of  the rising costs of health care. This project by Dr. Yan-Bin Jia will aim at the development of a robotic system specialized on cutting delicate, flexible, and slippery items such as fruits, vegetables, and meats, with the possession of knife skills including slice, dice, and chop.

See more on the award here:


Iowa State University Hosts Data-Driven Research Summer School

Iowa State University Hosts Data-Driven Research Summer School


Iowa State University hosted the Midwest Big Data Summer School in June, attracting nearly 150 participants from universities and organizations around the Midwest. The week-long course introduced early-career researchers to data-driven research.

Computer Science Faculty and ISU Launch Midwest Big Data Summer School

The first Midwest Big Data Summer School for Early Career Researchers will be held from June 20-24, 2016 in Ames, Iowa. Spearheaded, by ISU Computer Science faculty, Dr. Hridesh Rajan, Pavankumar Aduri, and Adisak Sukul, this summer school is designed as a one week, intensive curriculum aimed at early career researchers to get them started in data-driven research.

Program Your Adventure...

While most college students are prepping for summer internships or other warm weather adventures that follow closely on the heels of finals, an elite group of ISU student programmers is preparing for an adventure half-way around the world. Iowa State University’s Department of Computer Science programming team is advancing to the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals, which will take place May 15th-20th. More than 40,000 university students, from 102 countries around the world competed for a spot at the prestigious ACM finals. As if further proof were needed that the students from Iowa State University’s Computer Science Department are truly among the programming elite, some of the other U.S. university teams advancing to the finals include: MIT, Harvard, Carnegie-Mellon, Cornell, and Stanford.


Alumnus, Mukul Bansal, Receives Prestigious Career Award

Former ISU Computer Science PhD student, Mukul Bansal, has received a prestigious NSF CAREER AWARD During his time here at Iowa State's Computer Science Department, Bansal was co-supervised by Dr. David Fernandez-Baca and Dr. Oliver Eulenstein. After receiving his PhD, he undertook two postdocs, the first at Tel Aviv, under Ron Shamir, and the second at MIT, under Manolis Kellis.

ISU Researchers Leverage Big Data to Improve Software Quality

In today’s world, individuals, society, and nations all depend on software to manage critical infrastructures for power, banking and finance, air traffic control, telecommunications, transportation, national defense, and healthcare. Dr. Hridesh Rajan, at Iowa State University (ISU)’s Department of Computer Science, along with Dr. Tien Nguyen (ISU), Dr. Robert Dyer (Bowling Green State University), Dr. Gary T. Leavens (University of Central Florida), and Dr. Vasant G.

Dr. Basu Awarded NSF Grant for Analyzing Information Propagation Over Networks

NSF division of Computing and Communication Foundations has funded a two year project to be conducted by Dr. Samik Basu to investigate the application of formal methods, particularly model checking techniques, to analyze information propagation problems as they relate to computer security, epidemiology and opinion spread.

For more information, please go to:

Computer Science Students Advance to World Finals!

On Saturday, October 31, 2015, the Computer Science Department sent programming teams to compete against hundreds of other collegiate programmers in the ACM North Central North America region (NCNA). With more than 1,500 teams from around the world vying for a spot at the International Collegiate Programming Contest, the ISU programmers proved they are among the best in the world, and will advance a team of three students for the third consecutive year to the contest's World Finals in Phuket, Thailand, May 15-20, 2016.

David Fernandez-Baca Awarded NSF Grant to Develop Federated Plant Database for the Legumes

Federated Plant Database Initiative for the Legumes, Award IOS-1444806, National Science Foundation, Division of Integrative Organismal Systems, 2015-2018 (PI). Co-PIs: Steven B. Cannon (USDA-ARS/Iowa State University), Christopher D. Town (J. Craig Venter Institute), Andrew D. Farmer (National Center for Genome Resources) and Jeremy DeBarry (iPlant/University of Arizona). Senior Personnel: Ethalinda K.S. Cannon (Iowa State University).



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